breakfast to go


How many times have you heard that “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day?”. In Egypt, breakfast is indeed not to be taken lightly. You won’t usually find many Egyptians simply throwing some cereal in a bowl, adding milk and wolfing it down. Nor eating a quick yoghurt and piece of fruit.


Breakfast is a glorious meal, if you eat the traditional breakfast of:

* Fuul (beans)

* Falafel

* Eggs

* Bread

* Salad.

Now some people prefer to cook and prepare there own at home, but many will simply pop out to the nearest breakfast cart and get a quick breakfast to go, and walk briskly back to their own house to eat it with their family.


It is usually the men who will come out to the street to these glorious breakfast carts. Some will come still in their pyjamas, some will arrive in their cars on the way to work, some will come with their own bowls, some will simply stand at the food cart and eat there. People will usually have their favorite breakfast cart, and indeed some people will travel to another neighborhood just to get their favorite breakfast.


These carts are usually odd wooden carts, that have been brightly painted. They have large wheels and look very cheerful! They can be attached to a horse, pushed, or even connected to a bicycle to be moved around.

Around one side of the cart is usually a small shelf, shoulder height, where you can stand and eat, chatting to your fellow cart-restaurant diners!

On the opposite side is usually the dishing up side: where there is usually a large, silver, small necked pot, in which the fuul (beans) has been simmering for hours. This can be dished up in a small plastic bag, or put in a sandwich, poured into a personal bowl (if you are taking it home) or dished up onto a plate if you are eating at the cart.

There are usually some boiled eggs, falafel ready made, bread and some mixed salad. Oil, salt, spices and chilly can be added to taste.


Many visitors are frightened at the idea of “street food”. And indeed some have better cleanliness standards than others. But ask a few local people where is the best breakfast cart, and they can show you!

Then pop across one morning, for the quickest, freshest, cheapest and filling breakfast I think you will ever have had!!

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