Welcome to Nile-River-Connections

Our Vision Statement:      

“To promote cultural understanding through memorable tours near the Nile River, by connecting international guests with experienced and engaging Egyptian, Sudanese and Ethiopian hosts while, with trust and with integrity, equipping these hosts to grow effective, indigenous enterprises.”    


Our story ….. We are Tim and Ingrid Briscoe, married for 25 years and have 2 children. We have traveled extensively over the last 30 years: to 50 countries and lived in 6 of them (and in each of those for a minimum of 2 years!). We have first-hand experience of all the pit-falls of package travels, and have seen an increase in demand for a more meaningful approach to travel. We have also traveled to all the major sites and destinations of the 3 countries that we will be dealing with; some with groups, some as a family, some as a couple and some with friends. We have begun to know, understand and feel what the countries have to offer, and how to show each off to its best advantage, in an ethical and responsible way. And in all cases, the journey cannot be done without our local friends in each country.

We lived in South Africa through the changes from a majority white ‘apartheid’ government, to a more representational government under Nelson Mandela’s leadership. We were living on the ‘Swahili Coast’ of Tanzania when ‘9-11’ shook the world. We currently live in Egypt and have lived through what some have called the ‘Arab Spring’ and its effects. Sudan is no longer the largest country in Africa with it’s independence in July 2011 of Southern Sudan, and Ethiopia is beginning to build a dam to hold some of the Nile’s precious water and generate electricity for a developing nation.

We have found that the people of this region are some of the most hardworking, kind hearted, fun loving people we have ever met, who love their countries and look forward to sharing them with guests.

We look forward to many more years of life here with our friends and we hope that every guest we are able to host will come away from their stay here with memories for a life-time and even desire to come back again. Our Tanzania friends say: “Karibuni Tena”. They also have a connection to the Nile River via Lake Victoria, but that is for another day!